Back-to-Back Microstrip Antenna Fed With Tunable Power Divider


A design for microstrip antennas with reconfigurable radiation pattern is described. Dual stacked patch antennas and one tunable power divider are involved in the reconfigurable design. The 2 antennas are arranged by a back-to-back configuration, and they're, respectively, excited by the outputs of the power divider composed of a quasi-lumped coupler and two varactor diodes. By controlling the dc voltage of the varactors, the ratio of 2 outputs of the power divider can be varied between zero and thirteen dB therefore that the radiation patterns generated by the 2 antennas are changed. A prototype operating at a pair of.45 GHz frequency band is implemented and tested. Experimental results demonstrate that the radiation of the prototype within the H-plane will be switched between an omnidirectional pattern and broadside patterns with varied front-to-back ratios.

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