Miniature Folded Patch GPS Antenna for Vehicle Communication Devices


A unique miniature folded square patch antenna is proposed and developed for Global Positioning System (GPS) receivers. Four completely different lengths of meander strips connected to the four edges of the sq. patch of a single coaxial-feed sq. patch antenna are folded to get a circularly polarized antenna. Properly positioning the coaxial prey on the sq. patch excites 2 orthogonal resonant modes with a 90 phase distinction and achieves a pure circular polarization. Standard antennas for roof-mounted vehicle communication devices use commercially available ceramic corner-truncated patches whereas the proposed GPS antenna is intended to use a less expensive and a lot of compact FR4 patch. Experiments also showed that mounting the proposed GPS antenna in several locations on the roof of a vehicle had very little result on circular polarization radiation. The fabricated prototype revealed an impedance bandwidth of 2.1% and a 3-dB axial-ratio bandwidth approximating 0.seventy sixp.c at a GPS frequency of 1575 MHz. Experiments confirmed that the characteristics of the proposed antenna were in line with the simulation results.

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