Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) Evaluation of Textile Antennas


??????This paper presents an in depth and systematic investigation of the reproducibility of specific absorption rate (SAR)
measurements using textile antennas and their simulation accuracy. The power to accurately predict the SAR is
terribly important for sensible textile antenna designers since certified SAR measurements are costly. To that goal,&#thirteen; the SAR values of a vary of textile antennas operating in various bands of the IEEE and 802.11 standards
are evaluated. The chosen textile antenna topologies for the evaluation differ in terms of the bandwidth behavior
(broadband, dual band, and ultrawideband). They are chosen to be distinct, have been fabricated using an
array of conductive textiles, and are benchmarked against similar structures made from a versatile conductor. SAR
values are evaluated at 3 different frequencies, i.e., two.forty five, five.2, and five.8 GHz, respectively, using a business&#thirteen; electromagnetic solver and a licensed experimental setup. Factors affecting the SAR behavior are presented and&#thirteen; discussed. Results indicate that antennas without a rear ground plane are producing virtually three times the SAR&#thirteen; of textile antennas that feature a full ground plane. The results of this paper purpose out that the repeatability of the
measurements is about 10percent and that the agreement between simulations and measurements is on the order of&#thirteen; concerning seventeen%.

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