SAR imaging-based techniques for Low Permittivity Lossless Dielectric Bodies Characterization


??????The following contribution aims to check two synthetic aperture radar (SAR)-image-based techniques to obtain geometry
and constitutive parameter information about low-permittivity lossless dielectric materials. Whereas characterization
of high-permittivity dielectrics is comparatively cheap in SAR images, the low quantity of power mirrored back by lowpermittivity&#thirteen; bodies makes their characterization a challenging task. The first proposed technique combines 2 illumination
angles (traditional and 45) to beat the permittivity-geometry uncertainty showing on every independent&#thirteen; case. The second methodology makes use of the connection between reflection coefficient amplitudes between 2 media,&#thirteen; that can be directly extracted from the SAR image to supply an estimation of the dielectric object permittivity.&#thirteen; Uncertainty of each techniques will be reduced by properly combining them. We validate these ways employing a
simulation-based application example in the form of a millimeter-wave portal-primarily based system for hid-object&#thirteen; detection.

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