Optimum Tradeoffs Between the Error Exponent and the Excess-Rate Exponent of Variable-Rate Slepian–Wolf Coding


We have a tendency to analyze the optimal tradeoff between the error exponent and the surplus-rate exponent for variable-rate Slepian–Wolf codes. In specific, we have a tendency to first derive higher (converse) bounds on the optimal error and excess-rate exponents, and then lower (achievable) bounds, via a easy category of variable-rate codes which assign the same rate to all supply blocks of the same type class. Then, using the exponent bounds, we derive bounds on the optimal rate functions, particularly, the minimal rate assigned to every type class, required in order to achieve a given target error exponent. The resulting excess-rate exponent is then evaluated. Iterative algorithms are provided for the computation of both bounds on the optimal rate functions and their excess-rate exponents. The resulting Slepian–Wolf codes bridge between the two extremes of fastened-rate coding, that has minimal error exponent and maximal excess-rate exponent, and average-rate coding, that has maximal error exponent and minimal excess-rate exponent.

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