Multiscale Layered Biomechanical Model of the Pacinian Corpuscle


This paper describes a multiscale analytical model of the lamellar structure and therefore the biomechanical response of the Pacinian Corpuscle (PC). So as to research the contribution of the PC lamellar structure for detecting high-frequency vibrotactile (VT) stimuli covering 10 Hz to some kHz, the model response is studied against trapezoidal and sinusoidal stimuli. The model identifies some generalizable options of the lamellar structure that makes it scalable for different sizes of PC with different number of lamellae. The model describes the mechanical signal conditioning of the lamellar structure in terms of a recursive transfer-function, termed because the Compression-Transmittance-Transfer-Operate (CTTF). The analytical results show that with the rise of the PC layer index higher than fifteen, the PC inner core (IC) relaxes within 1 ms against step compression of the outermost layer. This model conjointly considers the mass of each PC layer to research its effect on the biomechanical response of the lamellar structure. The interlamellar spacing and its biomechanical properties together with the model response are validated with experimental information in the literature. The proposed model can be used for simulating a network of PCs considering their diversity for analyzing the high-frequency VT sensitivity of the human skin.

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