Computational screening of new high voltage insulation gases with low global warming potential


We tend to systematically screen chemical compounds for his or her suitability as high voltage insulation gases on the basis of electrical, environmental and safety characteristics. Recently, 1234 compounds were identified out of a library of over 56000 chemicals by suggests that of virtual screening. The authors applied filters for the world warming potential (GWP), toxicity, stability, flammability and important temperature to seek out promising candidate refrigerant fluids. We estimate the electric strength (ES) and also the boiling point of those environmentally friendly compounds to pick promising SF6 replacement candidates. The foremost promising candidates at intervals our methodology are predominantly Fluoro-alkenes, -alkylsulfides, -alcohols and-alkylamines. Additionally, risk and safety knowledge was compiled for compounds that are provided by chemical vendors at this date, ensuing in 7 preliminary candidates.

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