X-Band Tunable Frequency Selective Surface Using MEMS Capacitive Loads


A tunable frequency selective surface (FSS) based mostly on slotted ground is presented. Tuning of the resonance frequency is achieved by using a metallic MEMS bridge over the slot. The bridge acts as a capacitive load, increasing the equivalent capacitance, and so decreasing the resonance frequency. Electromagnetic and electromechanical simulations are performed to analyze the designed FSS. S-parameter measurements of the FSS unit cell are performed in a waveguide simulator, showing more than GHz frequency shift within the X-band, achieved by using solely one MEMS bridge. A measured bandwidth of four hundred MHz at the resonance frequency of nine.fifty nine GHz is achieved. The designed MEMS bridge advantages from an unconventional method of using SU-eight as the sacrificial layer, ensuing in low loss at high frequencies (3.a pair of dB loss at the resonance frequency of 9.fifty nine GHz). Devices with different heights of the MEMS bridge were fabricated to check the variation in the resonance frequency. The MEMS bridge was tested at mounted heights. Simulated and measured results show wonderful agreement. An FSS array is designed based mostly on the FSS unit cell results. The look procedure to maximize the quality factor and controllable frequency range, and improve the radiation characteristics of the FSS array is mentioned. More simulations are performed to look at the performance of the FSS array almost about grating lobes, oblique incidence and tunability.

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