Miniaturized Double-Layer EBG Structures for Broadband Mutual Coupling Reduction Between UWB Monopoles


Novel miniaturized two-layer electromagnetic band gap (EBG) structures are presented for reducing the electromagnetic coupling between closely spaced ultra wideband (UWB) planar monopoles on a typical ground. The proposed EBG structures employ 2 closely coupled arrays, one comprising linear conducting patches and the opposite comprising apertures (slits) in the bottom plane. The 2 arrays are printed on either aspect of a very skinny dielectric layer ($bf55;upmumathrmm$) with a rotation between the weather to provide maximum coupling for miniaturizing. A microstrip line excitation is initially used for the economical analysis and style of the slit–patch EBG structures, which are subsequently employed between two UWB printed monopoles. The proposed EBG structure includes a tiny footprint and produces a vital reduction of the mutual coupling across the wide operating band of the UWB antennas. Simulated results and measurements of fabricated prototypes are presented.

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