A Two-Element Biomimetic Antenna Array With Enhanced Angular Resolution and Optimized Power Extraction


A new architecture for a 2 part biomimetic antenna array (BMAA) is presented. This two-element BMAA is in the shape of a coupled antenna array with an external coupling network that's designed to efficiently extract power from each linearly-freelance modes of excitation of the array. These embody the common mode and the differential modes of excitation. This new array offers an enhanced section response compared to the regular antenna array that occupies the identical aperture. But, in contrast to previous BMAA designs, the output power of the array will not need to be sacrificed to realize this part enhancement factor. Compared to an everyday array, this two-element coupled array extracts the same quantity of power from an incoming electromagnetic wave however provides a considerably larger phase sensitivity. The paper describes the idea of operation and the planning method of this antenna. Using the look procedure presented in this paper, a prototype of such a two-part BMAA is meant and experimentally characterised within the lab. Measurement results ensure the benefits of this new design compared to the previous BMAAs reported in the literature.

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