EM Scattering From Cylindrical Structures Coated by Materials With Inhomogeneity in Both Radial and Azimuthal Directions


Consider a cylindrical structure with an arbitrary core coated by layers with inhomogeneity in both radial and azimuthal directions in the most general case. The core of the structure may be PEC, PMC, PEMC, impedance surface, dielectric, or metamaterial and an electromagnetic (EM) wave with arbitrary polarization is obliquely incident on the structure. In this paper, EM scattering from such a structure is analyzed, for the first time, through a general method in the frequency domain on the basis of the Taylor series concept. The validity of the proposed method is verified through some comprehensive examples. It is confirmed that the method is simple, fast, and highly reliable. Moreover, it is capable of analyzing the scattering of obliquely incident plane waves for all types of cylindrical cores and lossy inhomogeneous layers with continuous dielectric and magnetic profiles. In the last example, to show the applicability of the proposed method in inverse problems, the method is employed in an optimization procedure to reduce the radar cross section of a PEC cylinder.

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