Miniaturized RFID/UWB Antenna Structure that Can be Optimized for Arbitrary Input Impedance


This paper presents a completely unique planar antenna structure with miniaturization capability that matches in a very little area, and which can be designed towards any arbitrary input impedance, for RFID applications. The proposed antenna has three main parts: the feeding loop, the extension components that employment mainly as the radiator, and the affiliation between these elements. This antenna structure can be integrated with RFID tags to extend the reading range of the tags. A sample antenna set containing one scavenging antenna at 915 MHz for wireless powering, and one UWB antenna at 5.five GHz with a 500 MHz bandwidth, were designed with the proposed antenna structure to be used in an RFID/UWB tag. This antenna set occupied an space of eleven × eighteen mm2. It achieved a measured reading range of 110 cm, for a realized gain of −sixteen dBi. The radiation pattern of the proposed antenna, integrated with an RFID chip, was measured and compared with simulations in the E and H planes, showing smart agreement.

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