Magnitude and Orientation Error Correction of a Superimposed Spatial Universal Rotating Magnetic Vector


Based on the orthogonal superposition theorem of 3 alternating magnetic components, a universal uniform magnetic spin vector is superimposed using tri-axial Helmholtz coils, achieving successive digital control of the orientation, the rotational speed, and therefore the magnetic flux density of the universal magnetic spin vector. For increasing the magnitude and orientation accuracy of the magnetic spin vector, this paper presents a mathematical model related to the magnitude error and orientation error of the universal magnetic spin vector, along with a double error compensation methodology for the magnitude and orientation of the universal magnetic spin vector superimposed by three alternating magnetic elements. The double error compensation method includes this magnitude compensation by three different structural coefficients of tri-axial Helmholtz coils and this phase compensation by 2 relative part differences beneath linear polarization. The results have shown that the double compensation method will increase the magnitude and orientation accuracy of the rotating magnetic vector effectively, that would achieve an correct posture adjustment and steering management on the capsule robots in curving environment.

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