The Modeling and Position-Sensorless Estimation Technique for A Nine-Phase Interior Permanent-Magnet Machine Using High-Frequency Injections


This paper presents a sensorless methodology to estimate the rotor angle and speed of a 9-section interior permanent-magnet (IPM) machine. The major contributions of this work embrace the injection of high-frequency voltage signals into a nontorque-manufacturing circuit of the machine in which the rotor angle is estimated while not generating any high-frequency torque ripple. The inductances of the third sequence of the 9-phase machine are used to modulate the high-frequency injected voltage signals from which the third-sequence currents are extracted. Using a heterodyning method and the Luenberger observer, the rotor position is estimated. The requirement of only one low-pass filter in the angle estimation algorithm is another novelty. This rotor estimation method will be used for a wide speed vary as well as the zero speed. The proposed technique has been tested using the coupled full-order model of the nine-phase IPM machine as well as all the upper order magnetomotive force (MMF) harmonics. Simulation and experimental results for the motor operating below open-loop constant volts per hertz are presented to validate the estimation technique.

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