Accurate Localization of a Rigid Body Using Multiple Sensors and Landmarks


This paper develops estimators for locating a rigid body using the time measurements, and also the Doppler as well if it is moving, between the sensors in the rigid body and a few landmarks outside. The challenge of rigid body localization is that in addition to the position, we tend to are inquisitive about obtaining the rotation parameters of the rigid body that has got to belong to the special orthogonal cluster. The proposed estimators are non-iterative and have 2 steps: preliminary and refinement. The preliminary step provides a rough estimate and the refinement step improves the primary step estimate to yield an correct answer. When the rigid body is stationary, we tend to are able to find the body with accuracy beyond the solutions of comparable complexity found within the literature. When the rigid body is moving, we develop an estimator that contains the extra unknowns of angular and translational velocities. Simulations show that the proposed estimators, in both stationary and moving cases, can approach the Cramer-Rao Lower Sure performance under Gaussian noise over the tiny error region.

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