On the Capacity of Energy Harvesting Communication Link


We tend to take into account an energy harvesting point-to-purpose communication system where the transmitter is powered by an energy arrival method and is provided with a battery of finite capacity $B_max$, which could be used for saving energy for future use. We tend to assume a discrete i.i.d. energy arrival process where at each time step, energy of amount $A_i$ is harvested with chance $p_i$ $forall i in 1, 2, ldots, K$ independent of the other time steps. We tend to offer higher and lower bounds on the capability of this channel. These bounds are shown to be among a constant gap for $Kle 3$ for all parameters, and for $K > 3$ when the battery capacity $B_max$ is small or giant enough, where this constant does not rely on any energy or battery parameters.

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