Iterative Channel Estimation and Impulsive Noise Mitigation Algorithm for OFDM-Based Receivers With Application to Power-Line Communications


This paper presents a completely unique iterative receiver used to mitigate the impact of impulsive noise (IN) on orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing (OFDM)-based baseband power-line communications. An adaptive threshold is mathematically derived for the detection of IN under a desired false alarm likelihood. This detection mechanism is then used to mitigate IN in 2 stages. Prior to the OFDM demodulation, a pre-IN mitigation block is employed to clip the stronger parts of the IN source. This preprocessing significantly reduces the power of the IN spreading into all subcarriers and, so, facilitates the detection of residual IN in the second stage. Once the OFDM demodulation, the proposed receiver iteratively estimates the channel impulse response and reduces IN sources that weren't detected by the pre-IN mitigation block. Post-IN mitigation involves the iterative reconstruction of residual IN, that is then subtracted from the received signal. Denoising is additionally applied to the estimated channel impulse response. Therefore, channel estimation and IN mitigation are mutually beneficial. Simulation results confirm that the proposed iterative receiver considerably improves the mean squared error of the channel estimation furthermore bit-error rate.

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