Behavior of metallic particles in GIS under DC voltage


The paper investigated the behavior and partial discharge (PD) characteristics of a metallic particle below residual dc voltage, using the setting conditions and length of the particle, the applied dc voltage, and other factors as parameters and a gas insulated switchgear (GIS) bus bar model like that of an actual 300 kV GIS. A metallic particle repeated reciprocating movement at a comparatively high frequency of about 5 times per second between the high-voltage conductor and the sheath when the electric field at the underside surface of the tank exceeded its raise-off electric field. It emerged that, in the process of this reciprocating movement, PD occurred at the moment when the particle collided with the high-voltage conductor. Similarly, when a particle collided with the electrode, the electrical charges moved and therefore the residual dc voltage was damped. Conversely, where the sheath side was insulation-coated, the particle failed to move at the normal operating voltage level, and while it moved if vibration was applied, its movement stopped relatively soon. If a metallic particle exists in GIS and moves, there is concern that the insulating performance could decline considerably. When a metallic particle moves under dc voltage, a relatively stable PD is generated and consequently, for instance, the PD measurement is taken into account an effective approach to detect a particle. It's conjointly thought-about effective to take physical measures, like using an insulating sheath at the bottom surface of the tank to restrain the behavior of particles.

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