A Survey on Opportunistic Routing in Wireless Communication Networks


The great advances made in the wireless technology have enabled the deployment of wireless communication networks in some of the harshest environments such as volcanoes, hurricane-affected regions, and underground mines. In such challenging environments stricken by the lack of infrastructure, ancient routing is not efficient and typically not even feasible. Moreover, the exponential growth of the amount of wireless connected devices has created the requirement for a new routing paradigm that could profit from the potentials offered by these heterogeneous wireless devices. Hence, so as to overcome the traditional routing limitations, and to increase the capacity of current dynamic heterogeneous wireless networks, the opportunistic routing paradigm has been proposed and developed in recent analysis works. Motivated by the great interest that has been attributed to the present new paradigm at intervals the last decade, we give a comprehensive survey of the prevailing literature related to opportunistic routing. We 1st study the most design building blocks of opportunistic routing. Then, we tend to offer a taxonomy for opportunistic routing proposals, primarily based on their routing objectives still as the optimization tools and approaches used in the routing style. Hence, 5 opportunistic routing categories are defined and studied in this paper, namely, geographic opportunistic routing, link-state-aware opportunistic routing, probabilistic opportunistic routing, optimization-based mostly opportunistic routing, and cross-layer opportunistic routing. We also review the most protocols proposed in the literature for every class. Finally, we identify and discuss the main future analysis directions related to the opportunistic routing design, optimization, and deployment.

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