Memory Dynamics and Transmission Performance of Bundle Protocol (BP) in Deep-Space Communications


Delay/disruption tolerant networking (DTN) was proposed as an finish-to-finish networking design providing file delivery service in and/or through stressed communication environments. Bundle protocol (BP) of DTN utilizes the well-known store-and-forward mechanism along with custody transfer possibility for which a node agrees to hold a file in memory (disk storage in this paper) until its successful reception is acknowledged by the next node. The variation in memory occupancy constrains the quantity of memory that is on the market for other DTN functions. Characterizing the memory dynamics of BP during file transfer is crucial. In this paper, we gift a study of memory variation dynamics and transmission performance within the operation of BP for file transmissions over a typical relay-primarily based deep-space communication system characterized by multiple information source nodes, an extraordinarily long signal propagation delay, and lossy data links with each symmetric and asymmetric channel rates. Analytical models are designed to estimate the memory variation dynamics and the whole file delivery time (and goodput) characterizing BP transmission in deep space. The models are validated by running file transfer experiments using a testbed.

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