Placement of PMUs Considering Measurement Phase-Angle Mismatch


Phasor measurement units (PMUs) are becoming an necessary element in the power grid. The PMUs provide time-synchronized measurements of multiple remote measurement points, enabling additional accurate and real-time monitoring of the system state. Heuristically, it is troublesome to tell how the placement of a PMU at a selected location in the facility system would have an effect on the state estimation error, not to say the impact of the PMU synchronization and measurement accuracy. In this paper, we have a tendency to derive the posterior Cramér-Rao sure (PCRB) on the state estimation error based on a measurement model which considers the phase-angle mismatch from PMU measurements. We then propose a PMU placement strategy using the derived PCRB. The greedy algorithm is used to resolve the optimization downside. The results are then compared with different heuristics, with the optimal answer through an exhaustive search (for tiny systems), and with a lower bound on the optimal placement obtained through convex relaxation. For some design criteria, the target functions are submodular, that guarantees a performance sure on the greedy solution. For alternative design criteria where the objective functions aren't submodular, numerical examples demonstrate the effectiveness of the greedy algorithms.

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