On the Hardness of Adding Nonmasking Fault Tolerance


This paper investigates the complexity of adding nonmasking fault tolerance, where a nonmasking fault-tolerant program guarantees recovery from states reached because of the prevalence of faults to states from where its specifications are satisfied. We have a tendency to 1st demonstrate that adding nonmasking fault tolerance to low atomicity programs—where processes have scan/write restrictions with respect to the variables of other processes—is NP-complete (in the scale of the state area) on an unfair or weakly honest scheduler. Then, we tend to establish a shocking result that even underneath sturdy fairness, addition of nonmasking fault tolerance remains NP-arduous! The NP-hardness of adding nonmasking fault tolerance is based on a polynomial-time reduction from the three-SAT downside to the matter of planning self-stabilizing programs from their non-stabilizing versions, which could be a special case of adding nonmasking fault tolerance. Whereas it is known that designing self-stabilization underneath the assumption of sturdy fairness is polynomial, we tend to demonstrate that adding self-stabilization to non-stabilizing programs is NP-exhausting underneath weak fairness.

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