Statistical Delay QoS Protection for Primary Users in Cooperative Cognitive Radio Networks


In cooperative cognitive radio networks, where secondary users (SU) will relay the signal of primary user (PU) in exchange for PU's licensed spectrum, most existing works employ deterministic quality-of-service (QoS) guarantee in terms of minimum required transmission rate for PU's protection. In this letter, we adopt the statistical QoS demand characterized by queue-length certain violation likelihood for PU's delay QoS provisioning. By applying the effective capacity theory, we tend to any convert PU's queue-length certain violation chance requirement to the equivalent effective capability constraint and formulate the corresponding SU's throughput maximization problem. Then, we tend to acquire the optimal joint time-slot allocation scheme, where the time-slot division adapts to both channel conditions and PU's delay QoS requirements, such that not only PU's statistical delay QoS requirement can be well guaranteed, but also SU's throughput can be optimized. Moreover, we also develop a mounted time-slot allocation scheme that solely varies with PU's delay QoS requirements. Simulation results show that each the optimal and fixed allocation schemes will flexibly perform time-slot divisions in keeping with the delay QoS necessities of PU's traffic, but the developed optimal scheme outperforms the mounted time-slot allocation theme.

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