Vibrotactile Sensitivity Threshold: Nonlinear Stochastic Mechanotransduction Model of the Pacinian Corpuscle


Based on recent discoveries of stretch and voltage activated ion channels in the receptive space of the Pacinian Corpuscle (PC), this paper describes a two-stage mechanotransduction model of its near threshold Vibrotactile (VT) sensitivity valid over ten Hz to a couple kHz. The model is based on the nonlinear and stochastic behavior of the ion channels represented as dependent charge sources loaded with membrane impedance. It simulates the neural response of the PC considering the morphological and statistical properties of the receptor potential and action potential with the help of an adaptive relaxation pulse frequency modulator. This model also simulates the plateaus and nonmonotonic saturation of spike rate characteristics. The stochastic simulation primarily based on the addition of mechanical and neural noise describes that the VT Sensitivity Threshold (VTST) at higher frequencies is a lot of noise dependent. Higher than 800 Hz even a SNR = 150 improves the neurophysiological VTST more than three dBμ. In that frequency range, an absence of the entrainment threshold and a lower sensitivity index near absolutely the threshold create the higher sure of the psychophysical VTST additional smitten by the experimental protocol and physical set-up. This model can be extended to simulate the neural response of a group of PCs.

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