Bidirectional Buffer-Aided Relay Networks With Fixed Rate Transmission—Part II: Delay-Constrained Case


This can be the second part of a 2-part paper considering bidirectional relay networks with [*fr1]-duplex nodes and block fading where the nodes transmit with a fixed transmission rate. In Half I, it was shown that a considerable gain in terms of total throughput will be obtained by optimally choosing the transmission modes or, equivalently, the states of the nodes, i.e., the transmit, the receive, and also the silent states, based mostly on the qualities of the concerned links. To enable adaptive transmission mode choice, the relay has to be equipped with 2 buffers for storage of the info received from the two users. The protocol proposed in Part I was delay unconstrained and provides an upper bound for the performance of sensible delay-constrained protocols. In this paper, we have a tendency to propose 2 heuristic but economical delay-constrained protocols, which will approach the performance upper bound reported in Part I, even in cases where solely a small delay is permitted. The proposed protocols not only consider the instantaneous qualities of the involved links for adaptive mode choice however conjointly take the states of the queues at the buffers into account, i.e., the quantity of packets in the queues. The common throughput and the common delay of the proposed delay-constrained protocols are evaluated by analyzing the Markov chain of the states of the queues. Numerical results show that the proposed protocols outperform existing bidirectional relaying protocols for delay-constrained transmission.

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