Analytic Solution to Optimal Reconfigurations of Satellite Formation Flying in Circular Orbit under <img src= /images/tex/20416.gif alt= J_2 > Perturbation


This paper presents an analytic resolution to the optimal reconfiguration drawback of satellite formation flying in $J_two$ orbital perturbation. Continuous and variable low-thrust accelerations are represented by the Fourier series, and initial and final boundary conditions are used to determine the constraints on the thrust functions. The thrust functions are implemented by optimal Fourier coefficients that minimize the price during the maneuver. The analytic solution composed of these Fourier coefficients are simply represented during a closed form, and no approximation is needed. Numerical simulations are conducted to visualize and compare the results obtained in this paper with those of previous papers with no perturbations. The analytic solution developed in this paper is a lot of correct in that the general behavior of the optimal management history and reconfiguration trajectories are easily calculated even within the presence of the $J_2$ potential disturbance. The analytic solution is useful for designing a reconfiguration controller for satellite formation flying beneath $J_a pair of$ orbital perturbation.

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