Maximum-Likelihood Estimation of Parameters of an Extended Target in Tracking Monopulse Radars


In comparison with radars, that have a single receiving channel, monopulse systems with their add and difference channels can accurately estimate not only the signal power and angular position of a target however its angular extent further. This virtue will be used to facilitate target recognition, classification, and tracking. When an extended target is observed with a monopulse radar and also the mutual position of the radar antenna and the target does not considerably modification in time, the utmost-chance (ML)-estimates of the aforementioned parameters were derived by L. B. Milstein in [one]. If the target moves and the monopulse radar runs in the tracking (continuous or track-whereas-scan) mode these estimates become inaccurate as a result of amplitudes of signals from the scatterers composing an extended target vary thanks to the antenna boresight deviations within the vicinity of the target angular position. The presented article is dedicated to the synthesis and analysis of algorithms of the joint estimation of the target signal power, angular position and extent in a monopulse radar run within the tracking mode and it is not possible to neglect the antenna boresight deviations. The ML estimates are derived here under the assumption that the add and difference antenna patterns can be approximated at intervals the antenna beamwidth with the trigonometric functions. Statistical analysis of the estimates is performed and also the chance distributions, mean values, and variances are determined.

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