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Analysis and Design of DC System Protection Using Z-Source Circuit Breaker - 2015


Analysis and Design of DC System Protection Using Z-Source Circuit Breaker - 2015


A modified Z-source breaker topology is introduced to minimize the mirrored fault current drawn from a source while retaining a standard come back ground path. Typical Z-source breaker topologies don't give steady-state overload protection and will only guard against extraordinarily massive transient faults. The Z-supply breaker will be designed for considerations affecting each rate of fault current rise and absolute fault current level, analogous in some respects to a thermal-magnetic breaker. Detailed analysis and design equations are presented to provide a framework for sizing elements within the Z-supply breaker topology. Additionally, the proposed manual tripping mechanism allows protection against each instantaneous current surges and longer-term overcurrent conditions. The fault operation intervals of the proposed Z-supply breaker topologies are both demonstrated in SPICE simulation and validated in experimental characterization.

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